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OUTSIDE RIDING MIRROR DIAMOND SYSTEM® The build-up of the DIAMOND SYSTEM® belongs on a sandwich element. 6mm mirror glass, 4mm foam fleece, 20mm isolating board of solidified foam. The massive wood frame construction (Meranti, 80mm wide and 67mm thick) protects the edges and guarantees mounting without straining the mirror, painted triple coat, colour: dark brown. The rear of the mirror is protected by a weatherproofed cover plate. Roof profile in aluminium

The DIAMOND riding mirror system – absolutely the best mirrors available on the market!

The best quality and state-of-the-art top-shelf products are second to none and are able to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. The DIAMOND system is uncompromising in terms of safety:
– extremely high resistance to pressure – six times more reliable protection against damage compared to standard 6 mm mirrors,
– insulation and outer coating – reducing the chance of fogging up mirrors through insulation and outer coating,
– reflections without any distortions – optimal reflection when connecting crystal glass, along with the technology of the DIAMOND system,
– edge protection – the solid wooden housing provides optimal edge protection and guarantees stress-free installation of the mirrors.

Outside Riding Mirror DIAMOND SYSTEM

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  • 100% Quality Warranty
  • 2-5-year warranty
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