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The sand bed will not be fully functional if it is not irrigated. In such a situation, holes or depressions can form, which could cause injuries to horses. Therefore, proper care of the substrate, including its irrigation, are very important elements of using the substrate. However, this step, if done manually, can take a long time. An alternative here may be a mobile sprinkler.

The mobile sprinkler is an extremely practical and easy-to-use device, thanks to which maintaining an appropriate, even level of substrate irrigation will not be a problem. The sprinkler is equipped with wheels, which makes it easy to transport from one place to another. Therefore, you do not need to install the sprinklers permanently, which is usually associated with higher costs than the sprinkler itself.

The sprinkler “consists” of two main parts: the trolley and the sprinkler part, and the irrigation process with the mobile sprinkler is extremely simple

  • Wasserverbrauch woter consumption 1,5-2,5 m3/h
  • Required flow pressure 2,0-4,0 bar
  • Working width 15-25 m
  • Working length  max 65 m
  • Speed 10 – 30 m/h
  • weight (empty) 60 kg


Bucholz mobile sprinkler modell Wasserprinz



  • 100% Quality Warranty
  • 2-5-year warranty
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