Stalls for horses

In the case of the implementation of the entire construction investment along with the equipment of the stables, we present you the offer of several foreign producers and a Polish manufacturer cooperating with us – a company that has been producing equipment for the domestic and global market for several years. Stable facades of Polish production have been installed, among others, in our GROS stable. In our opinion, this is a good combination of build quality, appearance and price.

Stable facades

Stable facades are available with sliding doors or mounted on hinges. They have invisible welds, the steel is galvanized or powder coated, and the wood is of high quality.

Various types of fillings can be used for the stable stall, e.g. pine, ash, oak or exotic wood, or plastic boards.

Stables for horses in the stables are made of the following materials: square profiles 50 x 50 mm, channels 50 x 30 x 3 mm, pipes with a diameter of 20 mm at 60 mm intervals and boards with a thickness of 42 mm.

The manufacturer offers fronts with standard widths: 3000, 3500 and 4000 mm, and also makes fronts with dimensions adapted to the width of your stable.

Appropriate air circulation can be obtained thanks to the use of ventilation holes in the boards or the integrated grille made of pipes in the lower part of the front wall.

Sample implementation

Additional equipment:

  • hinged door in the door,
  • trough rotary frame,
  • charging hole,
  • vents in boards and / or with a ventilation grille,
  • cupboard under the trough,
  • a hanger for a rug,
  • information board.

In addition, we offer partition walls that separate boxes or wall grilles.

Standard façade designs available

Standard partition wall designs available

Stable windows

A window with a view of the world is an important element in any stable as it provides the horses with plenty of sunlight and prevents boredom.

The windows in the stalls for horses can be metal (galvanized) or PVC – with or without bars. In the latter case – with a safety glass. For windows that are mounted high – in stables or indoor riding arenas, we install appropriate drivers that allow you to easily open and close them.

Available in various shapes and colors of the border.

Sample implementation

Product features :

  • adjustable hinges ensure trouble-free and easy adjustment,
  • windows can use safety glass, thermo-glass or plexiglass,
  • any type of window can be barred,
  • each window can be constructed in such a way that it opens to the right or left,
  • standard dimensions (1000 x 1000 mm) or tailored to your needs,
  • straight or curved,
  • three options for opening and tilting windows – a hinged window, a tilt window to the outside or inside of the stable, a tilt-and-tilt window to the outside or inside.

Standard window designs available

Standard gate designs available

As standard, the stable gates have a steel frame with a wooden filling and a safe glass.

Standard door designs available 

In order to obtain a quote, please contact us with information about the selected pattern / possibly your own pattern, quantity, filling, additional powder coating or other comments to the product.

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