Consulting and planning

We treat each project seriously and individually.
All in accordance with your needs and formal requirements imposed by the plot development plan or the development conditions.

We can professionally advise you and we are convinced that together we will find a solution which meets your expectations.
You can choose a specific package or a part of a service package – no worries!

It is worth remembering the following documents:
• information from the spatial development plan or a decision on the building conditions,
• a map for the design purposes
• the technical conditions for connecting the utilities,
• ground research,
• in some cases other documents.

– We collect data in the field and get to know your expectations.
– We visit the area.
– We choose the best solution for its development.

– We “put” the ideas and concepts on paper.
– We present the general concept of the project with elements of the development, i.e .:
• the safety and welfare of the horses,
• the optimal arrangement of individual elements on the plot,
• functionality,
• attractive architecture,
• solutions taking into account the Customer’s budget.

The functional plan
– We present the arrangement of the interior and discuss its functions.
– The assumptions are collected and they are the basis for the architectural design

– We present the structure of the planned building in 3D with the graphic visualisation
– The design includes elements such as: people, horses, cars, others.

The construction project
– The preparation of a study to obtain a building permit.
– The design includes: the arrangements with utilities and fire suppliers, the environmental impact studies in the case of the location of stables and most often basic industry designs, performed by designers with qualifications in a given specialty.
– The project may include:
• land development plan,
• the architecture industry,
• the construction industry,
• sanitary installations,
• electrical installations.

The building permit
– We help to complete the formalities so that you can make your plans come true

Executive project
– The project complements the construction design with the details necessary for the implementation of the facility on the construction site, as well as being helpful in the preparation of the cost estimate of the building.
– It includes:
more detailed views and sections,
additional construction details with the selection of the manufacturers of individual components,
additional lists (for example, steel or truss elements),
the exact spacing of the lighting points or the route of the ventilation ducts.
– The detailed design includes industries similar to those in the construction design, however, there may be additional industries which are not required for the building permit, such as the telephone installations, computer networks or others.
– The scope of the detailed design depends on the arrangements made between the architect and the investor.
– Can be made after obtaining the building permit.

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