The best trusses available on the market.
They are characterized by high value (suitable up to 1000t / the bottom of the product has additional strengths x alternative.
Extremely flexible – allows for relief
Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm 4cm.

German product made of hardened granules.
Non-slip surface, easy to clean.
Dimensions: 200 x 160 x 43 mm.
Weight approx. 35 kg / m².
The cube is available in red, brown, black and green.

Winners of the German tests for durability, resistance to abrasion and tearing, and the content of the smallest amount of harmful elements (well below the accepted standards).
4-sided puzzle
Dimensions available:
1 x 1 m
0.5 x 1 m
Height: 16 mm
Weight: approx. 20 kg
Material: rubber

They are made of 9 layers of wood: 7 inner layers of poplar and 2 outer layers of okoume wood.
Their beautiful, rounded shape and high impact resistance always make a big impression.
They are relatively easy to assemble.
The dimensions of the panels are 1250 mm high x 1100 mm wide x 26 mm thick.

We make substrates adapted to the needs of our clients. We make substrates in various systems: traditional, Ebbe und Flut, as well as a novelty – an innovative system of automatic drip irrigation from the bottom!

We have:
– the highest quality geotextile accessories – from the manufacturer who supplied them, among others for the last four Olympic Games,
– additives to keep the substrate moist for longer,
– professional mats intended for external substrates and substrates in the hall,
– extremely durable plastic grilles

All carousels have an electrical system and a control box.
It is possible to retrofit the carousel with additional options:
– automatic system
– lubrication (device maintenance),
– automatic ground irrigation system,
– additional cover for the control box,
– safe flexible partitions,

The offer includes round and oval carousels, with or without a roof / fence.

Safe fences that can withstand a pressure of up to 2,000 kg.
The fence is electrically conductive.
It comes in the form of a tape and a rope. It does not require any care or maintenance.
Available in three colors: black, white and brown


Top-quality solariums in modular construction (1,2,3 panels) available in a polyester and metal housing.
As standard, IR and UV lamps, as well as a convenient control box.
Optionally, a lifting / lowering mechanism, a coin or token dispenser.


The best mirrors available on the market. Six times more reliable protection against damage compared to standard mirrors.
Reducing the chance of fogging up mirrors through insulation and outer coating. Reflections without distortion.
Solid wooden housing.
Various dimensions available.

The device is extremely practical and convenient to use, it helps to maintain an appropriate, even level of hydration.
The sprinkler is equipped with wheels.
The maximum dimensions of the irrigated area are 25m x 65m.
Irrigation area can be adjusted from 20 ° to 360 °.
The speed of winding the sprinkling part is 10-30m / h.

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